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SAP-Integrated Solution with Phenomenal Support

Encube is a pharmaceutical company specializing in topical formulations: creams, ointments, gels, lotions, and solutions. Encube’s manufacturing facility in Madkaim, Goa, India is the largest single-site topical manufacturing facility in the world.

As part of launching its own sales efforts in the US in 2019, Encube was looking for a comprehensive and efficient turn-key software system to handle chargebacks, rebates, admin fees, AMP calculation, and Medicaid invoices. The system had to be integrated with SAP.

After careful consideration, we chose Relasoft Pharma Suite.

Relasoft deployment and integration were made within the agreed upon time and without exceeding the initial budget.

The software is easy to use, reliable, easy to configure and requires minimal training. The support is phenomenal with regards to both its quality and response time, and even includes availability during IST time zone working hours.

Pharma Suite proved to be a good software solution, and I highly recommend it.

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