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Our Company

Relasoft Solutions Inc. is a Life-Sciences software boutique providing US pharmaceutical manufacturers with a comprehensive software platform and managed services, ensuring that all Revenue Management processes are integrated, accurate and fully compliant with the government regulations.


All our software is designed to provide:

  • The most advanced data validation, highest profitability and ROI
  • Fullest compliance with CMS and other regulations
  • Complete automation of all processing tasks and the highest user efficiency
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data

Our Flagship Product, Pharma Suite:

Developed for the 2nd largest generic distributor and manufacturer, the Pharma Suite modules since were implemented for numerous manufacturers, brand and generic, and for 3PL companies.

After implementing all, without exceptions, requests from all users, the Pharma Suite now comes with the most advanced processing features, validation and processing tools, and supports integration with any ERP and accounting software.

The Pharma Suite comes with all software components required by the industry:

  • Chargeback and Contract Administration
  • Government Pricing
  • Medicaid Drug Rebate Program
  • Medicare Coverage Gap invoices
  • Texas HHSC Pricing Submissions
  • Commercial Rebates
  • MCO Rebates
  • Sales Commission
  • AR Analysis
  • Gross-To-Net Profitability Analysis

The Suite comes with its own tools for EDI translation and integration with and ERPs.

The Suite can be deployed on a company network or in the cloud.

Designed to handle 100,000+ direct customer accounts, 100,000+ products  and 1,000+ active NDC on contracts, the Suite delivers the highest speed of processing chargebacks, rebates and Government Pricing calculations.


Since its founding in 1996, Relasoft delivered tens of applications to clients of many industries and of different sizes: from tiny charities to #1 pharma wholesaler and top brand companies.

The biggest data warehouse under our management contained sales data for 20 years, exceeded 1TB in size, yet still provides quick access to records and converts data to analysis!

Our design techniques, Know-Hows, and extensive source code library help us to deliver software solutions sooner and less expensive even comparing to companies that outsource development overseas.

Relasoft team is lead by highly qualified professionals. The System Architect at Relasoft, Dr. Alexander Werner, is one of the company co-founders. Alexander   earned his Ph.D. in data modeling, and for over 20 years specializes in data warehouses and system implementations for pharmaceutical and other industries.

For more info, please email us at, call at (416) 783-1027 or click the next button to request a demo!

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