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Processing Invoices from MDRP and Supplemental Programs

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in fully-automated Government Pricing, not requiring users to prepare data feeds every month, or import Government Pricing data calculated elsewhere
  • Automated data exchange with DDR for monthly and quarterly submissions
  • Imports MDRP ROSI and PQAS invoice files
  • Imports statements of account for programs of all types
  • Supports all types of federal and state supplemental programs: FFS and MCO, Affordable Care Act Extensions, Supplemental and J-Code
  • Supports special pricing for supplemental programs
  • Checks invoices and CLD for all Dispute and Adjustment codes, including double-dipping by 340B entities
  • Creates ROSI and PQAS in all CMS formats
  • Offers extensive Claim Level Data analysis
  • Has the most detailed State Utilization Analysis
  • Integrates with ERP to find new or terminated products automatically, to find outlier customers and to compare volume sold to a state with the reported utilization level
  • The system comes with numerous built-in reports, showing all details about rebates paid for each type of a program, to each state, for each NDC and quarter; outlier customers, full audit outlines for all Government Pricing calculations, etc.
  • Stores the whole history for all government pricing numbers and invoice processing
  • Automated submission of NFAMP and FCP numbers
Relasoft Medicaid Solution is a reliable and all-encompassing tool that covers all aspects of processing invoices from Medicaid Drug Rebate Program and state supplemental programs in a CMS-compliant and a cost-efficient way.

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