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Rebate and Admin Fee Processing

Features and Benefits

  • Empowers users to configure almost unlimited rebate terms of product selection and rebate formulas on direct and indirect sales data
  • Processes sales data measured in tens of millions of records per reporting period
  • Provide visibility to all rebate calculations and a transparent audit traces for all changes
  • Does Volume-based multi-tier rebates a wide variety of bundle and sliding scale rebates
  • Supports numerous types of rebateable sales: on paid invoices only, on profits rather than on sales, or even on formulas, like market share growth over a period
  • Tracks across the company promotions
  • Handles various discounts given to new customers only, and special discounts given on the first invoice
  • Elaborates managing exceptions: no rebates on  sales of short-dated products that are already heavily discounted, on unique products where incentives are not required, on shipping charges, etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Government Pricing: it calculates CMS-eligible rebates that were paid to CMS-eligible customers for products participating in Medicaid and transfers these rebate amounts to GP module
  • Transfers and distributes rebates to Gross-To-Net
  • Has reports showing actual and accrual rebates, contract usage, and all other aspects of rebate processing, as well as sophisticated reports for certain customers, like Econdisk
Relasoft Rebate is a reliable and efficient tool to handle the most sophisticated rebates in CMS-compliant and a cost-efficient way.

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