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Chargeback Program

Features and Benefits

  • Reads chargebacks submitted as EDI 844, Excel and CSV
  • Automatically processes resubmissions
  • Offers the most sophisticated fully-automated auto-correction tools
  • Performs superb validation for all standard errors and additional rules to support the most elaborate sales agreements
  • Advanced handling of GPO rosters
  • Automatically shares chargeback data with Rebate module and Gross-To-Net for chargeback accruals and forecasting, with no data feeds preparation required
  • Integrates with any ERP and accounting software, from QuickBooks to SAP. Ready Integrator tools are available for a number of ERP
  • Built-in EDI translaction, with no license or volume-based fees
  • A payment reconciliation process fine-tuned to perfection
  • Takes proper care of Classes of Trade and reflects specifics for PHS and FSS contracts, and is 100% compliant with all CMS requirements for Government Pricing
  • Offers hundreds of reports covering all aspects of chargeback processing. Find top indirect customers; monitor performance by contract, products, wholesaler, territory, class of trade, GPO and other factors; track wholesaler inventory levels by distribution centers, have full audit transparency, watch sales trends, etc.
  • Runs locally or in the cloud
  • The most cost-efficient solution on the market because of minimal or none license fees, payable to third parties. For example, there are no licenses or volume-based fees for EDI translation, for integration with ERPs,, etc. Even the database management tool may require no licenses. The manufacturer savings can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Provides the highest processing efficiency to 3PL companies
  • Relies on Rich Client interface as the fastest and most reliable
  • Has no exposure to internet hacker attacks and guarantees the safest processing environment
Relasoft Chargebacks is a reliable and efficient tool that covers all aspects of pharmaceutical chargeback processing in a CMS-compliant and a cost-efficient way.

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