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Distinctive Features of Relasoft Pharma Suite

Pharma Suite Is a Comprehensive Solution

Relasoft Pharma Suite is a comprehensive solution, and includes modules to do Chargebacks, Contract Admin, Commercial Rebates, MCO Rebates, Government Pricing, Medicaid, Medicare Part D Coverage Gap, Gross-to-Net, EDI Translation, Texas Drug Price Reporting, and a number of other tasks.

All modules talk to each other and always have Government Pricing in mind: The Chargeback module knows to check for 340B ID on PHS contracts. The Rebate module marks different incentives as eligible or ineligible for Government Pricing, and will prepare rebate allocations for Government Pricing smoothing.

Superb Manufacturer Protection Against Overpayments

Relasoft conducts extensive research and offers the best validation for all data submitted to manufacturers through chargebacks, Medicaid, Coverage Gap or MCO Rebates.

To achieve these best results, Relasoft goes not just “the extra mile”. Relasoft goes for the extra light year, or more.

It is our passion to ensure that manufacturer loses no revenue.

Fastest Processing

Efficiency of processing was always one of the key imperatives of the Pharma Suite design.

Thus, Pharma Suite is built with fast and powerful Rich Client interface rather than a browser-based one, which is slower and less reliable.

To prove that Relasoft offers the highest speed of processing, we offer a trial or running Pharma Suite on a year worth of your data, so that you could compare the true performance by different vendors.

The trail is completely free.

Fully Automated Government Pricing, With No Data Feeds Required

Many vendors require a manufacturer to prepare data feeds their for GP calculations.

Preparing such data feeds is easy when rebates are calculated as a percentage of sales. However, should the manufacturer start using volume-based tiered, bundled and other sophisticated rebates on direct and indirect sales to better promote its sales, an allocation of such rebates becomes a challenge.

To be CMS-compliant, the rebates need to allocated between eligible and ineligible customers, Medicaid participating and non-participating products, with the eligible rebate portion being calculated to match the rebate formulas.

Such allocations simply cannot be done accurately in Excel every month.

If you plan to use sophisticated rebates, the fully-automated Government Pricing offered by Relasoft may be the most CMS-safe way to handle them.

Cost Efficiency and Highest ROI

Pharma Suite requires minimal or no license fees, payable to third parties.

For example, there are no licenses or fees to pay for EDI maps and no volume-based fees for translated EDI data. No licenses required to transfer data to Even the database management tool may require no licenses.

Pharma Suite does not require dedicated servers if your prefer it to run locally, and cause you no additional costs.Or, we can deploy it on the cloud, and you won’t need to cover the costs of hardware, backups and support.

The manufacturer’s savings on such licenses can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars per year.

In addition, the cost of the Pharma Suite is less than costs of similar systems from reputable vendors, and our rates are such that many companies delegate to us their custom software development projects.

Relasoft Pharma Suite is a reliable and efficient tool, proven over time. Relasoft team makes installation and integration easy. Working with us, you don't need to break the budget to have things well done.

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