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Our Mission: to build reliable and flexible software systems efficiently managing large databases.

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Pharma Suite

Pharma Suite - is a set of software modules designed exclusively for pharmaceuticals manufacturers and distributors. Orientation for the vertical market allowed us to implement a number of important features specific to the pharmaceuticals, reflecting all of their finest details. It includes utilizing best industry practices, integration with third-party data subscriptions and services, implementing B2B interfaces with major players and providing meaningful reporting.

Our suite not only complements ERP with modules to process chargebacks, customer and vendor rebates, to take care of CMS MDRI and Coverage Gap Discount Programs, but also integrates information from all of the modules together for comprehensive and integrated "true" profitability analysis.

Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis is a critical management tool, reconciling sales numbers from ERP and fiscal statements to find the true values for profits and KPIs on any detail level.

Unified view that starts with gross sales, outlines expenses from fiscal statement and ends up with Net Profit helps to to immediately detect sources of losses.

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Custom Software and Product Integration

Over the years, we wrote a number of various business applications for clients of different industries: pharmaceuticals, banking, wholesale, insurances, others.

While doing that, we developed an extensive library of techniques and tools to build new systems better and faster.

Merging database programming, data exchange technologies and Microsoft Office, we can automate building analytical reports, which otherwise require long hours of hard labor!

Let us assist your assistants!

We integrated our software with SAP, Quick Books, Great Plains, Facts, Summit, Macola, Navision and others ERP/accounting packages.

Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems

Managing large databases is our primary focus and the area of expertize.

For every stage of project development: data modeling, database physical design, writing ETL stored procedures, building cubes and creating elaborate reporting systems, we have tools and "know-hows" making the quality of our systems superior and our consultants highly efficient.

Our ETL Builder Set includes utilities and methods answering many typical tasks: import data, entries consolidation, exceptions reporting, etc. and significally cuts down development time.

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