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Our Company

Relasoft Solutions Inc is a software boutique, specializing in integrated software solutions processing large volumes of data.


We believe that software must be a perfect match for our customers’ business models. Our ultimate goal is the utmost efficiency and convenience of our users.

Our Flagship Product, Pharma Suite:

Is the result of many years of software development for US Pharmaceutical distributors.

It includes all software components required by the industry: Chargeback processing, Rebate Processing, Sales Commission Calculation, AR Analysis, CMS Compliance application for MDRI and Profitability Analysis.

Power of experience:

Our design techniques and extensive source code library often deliver instant configurable turn-on key solutions fo typical tasks, cutting development time and proving cost efficiency to the customers. .

Database Management Efficiency:

The biggest data warehouse under our management, built for a large pharmaceutical distributor, stores data for 10 years, nears 200GB in size, but still provides quick access to records and converts data to analysis!


Since its founding in 1996, Relasoft delivered tens of applications to clients of many industries and of different sizes.

Human Factor:

Any application is as good as the people who wrote it.

Relasoft team is lead by highly educated professionals.
The chief architect and company co-founder Dr. Alexander Werner brings over 20 years of database and data warehouse design, expert knowledge of MS SQL Server. .Net and Crystal Reports technologies and experience of successful system implementation for many companies.

Relasoft Solutions Inc is a software boutique.
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