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Relasoft specializes in building data warehouses, Business Intelligence  and systems integration.

That includes:

Integration with QuickBooks

  • Export of all required QuickBooks data in interactive or scheduled mode;
  • Creating QuickBooks customers, invoices, credit memos, vendor bills and credits, and any other documents from Excel or CSV files
  • Built-in data cleansing and mapping tools
  • QuickBooks Integrator comes in Desktop and Online editions

Integration with

  • Developing new tables and views in
  • High speed data transfer between, accounting software and other systems
  • Data transfer run in interactive and scheduled modes
  • No licenses for third-party licenses is required

Building ETL

  • Transfer data in the most efficient ways
  • Most accurate data cleansing and consolidation tools;
  • Dynamic archiving and restoring inactive customers, products, etc. from active data;
  • Most advanced validation to handle orphaned records and exceptions

Business Intelligence(BI) Systems

  • Dashboards for multi-dimensional analysis with unlimited KPIs
    Comprehensive integration with MS Excel
    Advanced Gross-To-Net Profitability analysis
  • Presentation and communication

Our consultants’ expertise and our vast code libraries give our clients higher quality software, faster deliveries and lower costs. As the result, Relasoft is an ideal outsourcing partner for data warehouse projects and custom database-related applications.


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5. Using Quickbooks OAuth 2.0 Authentication in Windows Forms Applications.

If you have a project to develop, please send us RFP, click on the next button, or just call 416-783-1027 to request a free consultation.

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