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QuickBooks Integrator

About the Program

QuickBooks Integrator automates any data transfer between QuickBooks and any readable files. There are two separate versions of the Integrator: for QuickBooks Desktop and Online.

QB Integrator does the following tasks:

  • Exports content of all or selected QB objects into SQL Server database, including downloading attachments
  • Creates records in QuickBooks based on the provided files and rules to generate the records, including uploads attachments
  • Copies data between different QuickBooks desktop files or between two online instances
  • Before creating new master records, Integrator performs a check for duplicates and ensures that no duplicates are created

QB Integrator for the Online version of QuickBooks already runs on OAuth2 protocol.

Special Benefits for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

QB Integrator eliminates a need to manually prepare data feeds for Government Pricing because all customer and sales data are exported automatically on a scheduled basis

Integrator automates creating credit memos for chargebacks

Relasoft QB Integrator is a fantastic tool to have if you need to use QuickBooks data for extended sales analysis and reporting, or if you often import data into QuickBooks

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