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Alexander Werner
Founding Partner and Systems Architect

Dr. Werner has over 25 years of experience building integrated software solutions for US pharmaceutical manufacturers, and is a recognized expert in many areas of business processing, including chargebacks, Government Pricing, Medicaid, Coverage Gap, Tricare, EDI, Purchase Orders. He presented results of his studies on many aspects of processing as a speaker at numerous pharmaceutical conferences.

Alexander's technical specialization is in managing large databases and Business Intelligence systems. MSDN publiched some results of his software studies on object-oriented programming.

Alexander earned his Ph. D. in Computer Science field of Data Modeling, and M.Sc. in Math Summa Cum Laude.

For over 17 years, he personally designed and supervised the implementation of Relasoft Pharma Suite for The Harvard Drug Group, the second largest distributor of generics products at the time, and its sister company Major Pharmaceuticals.

Software designed by Dr. Werner saved many of his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing over-payments and greatly increasing staff efficiency.

Pharma Suite Systems Architect
Manny Sandler
Partner and Controller
Ben Maizel
Senior VP of Business Development

40+ years in the Pharmaceutical Industry with a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Ben graduated from the Univ. of Florida with a degree in Business, and then Fairleigh Dickenson Univ., with a Masters.  Ben’s background includes all aspects of the commercial and distribution sides of the pharmaceutical industry, starting in the retail pharmacy business, he moved to the wholesale side where he completed a management trainee program and then launching one of the first private label generic pharmaceutical lines in the country.

Switching sides of the desk, Ben took a sales position with a national generic pharma company, Geneva Generics, and then after obtaining his Masters, moved into medical advertising working with two small agencies in the NYC area.  After a couple of years, Ben started working with Taro Pharmaceuticals as their first sales person and helped launch them nationally building both a sales and marketing organization under him.

From that point on, Ben remained on the sales side working with various companies as he moved from rep, TARO, to head of sales and marketing, Taro and Alpharma, and then to owning his own specialty repackaging company, Republic Drug.  After closing that company, he worked as an independent consultant helping to launch or reset multiple pharmaceutical companies and products, both brand and generic.  Some of his clients were Reliant Pharmaceuticals, Endo, Eisai, Triax, Akrimax, Rouses Point, Epic, Edenbridge and eventually Masters Pharmaceutical, where he established and ran a third-party company, RxTPL which eventually was purchased by McKesson Drug.

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