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Alexander Werner
Founding Partner and Systems Architect

Dr. Werner has over 25 years of experience building integrated software solutions for US pharmaceutical manufacturers, and is a recognized expert in many areas of business processing, including chargebacks, Government Pricing, Medicaid, Coverage Gap, Tricare, EDI, Purchase Orders. He presented results of his studies on many aspects of processing as a speaker at numerous pharmaceutical conferences.

Alexander's technical specialization is in managing large databases and Business Intelligence systems. MSDN publiched some results of his software studies on object-oriented programming.

Alexander earned his Ph. D. in Computer Science field of Data Modeling, and M.Sc. in Math Summa Cum Laude.

For over 17 years, he personally designed and supervised the implementation of Relasoft Pharma Suite for The Harvard Drug Group, the second largest distributor of generics products at the time, and its sister company Major Pharmaceuticals.

Software designed by Dr. Werner saved many of his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing over-payments and greatly increasing staff efficiency.

Jim Nagle
Vice President of Sales

Jim has over 25 years of demonstrable success in the Pharmaceutical and Distribution arena, Jim is adept at leveraging your company’s core competencies to intelligently capitalize on its business-growth and market-expansion opportunities.  

Jim started his Pharmaceutical Distribution career as the Controller for an Independent wholesaler, which was acquired by AmeriSource, Jim was promoted to Vice President General Manager and had P&L responsibilities for the Boston and Springfield Massachusetts divisions for AmeriSource.

He was a key member of an Executive Team which grew a specialty pharmaceutical company from start-up phase to a $100 million valuation, resulting in acquisition by a Private Equity Group. He has expertise in analyzing existing operations and implementing the necessary operational, financial and marketing strategies to improve business development, market share, revenue growth and cash flow.  Equally strong reputation and proven track record in leading teams through acquisitions, downsizings and other challenging environments.  A dynamic and committed team builder who repeatedly produces a positive, bottom-line impact.


Manny Sandler
Partner and Controller

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