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Pharma Suite for Revenue Management

The History

Back in 1999, the second largest generics distributor was looking for a software vendor to get chargebacks and rebates solutions, capable of processing millions of direct and indirect sales lines per month.

The distributor chose Relasoft because of:

A) Relasoft had a renown expertise in managing large volumes of data, and

B) Relasoft never failed to deliver a project.

And Relasoft delivered a fully automated solution, which was a great success! Thousands of chargeback debit memos could be processed with a few mouse clicks and in just a few moments. The validation engine prevented over-payments. And the depth of analytics expanded enough to satisfy requests from all users.

After that, Relasoft became a preferred vendor and successfully delivered other modules, which became parts of the beauty that is called Relasoft Pharma Suite. They are:

  • Chargebacks
  • Contract Admin
  • Rebates
  • Government Pricing
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Part D Coverage Gap
  • Tricare
  • Texas Pricing
  • Gross-to-Net
  • Purchase Order for EDI
  • Account Receivable
  • MCO Rebates

The super high speed of processing gets only better and better over time, as new optimization features become available. Relasoft databases are always fine-tuned to reflect the most recent and advanced options.

Built-in Integration with Other Systems

Over the years, and with many more new installations for manufacturers and 3PL companies, Relasoft Pharma Suite has grown to include countless features to make an easy integration with ERP, got its own EDI Translation and developed a payment reconciliation process that satisfies the most demanding accountants. The solution can be integrated with CRM, like and others.

3PL Friendly

Built-in ability to run processing steps for many clients at once, sharing common data between clients to avoid double entry and consolidated integration ensure that your processing staff perform like Super Heroes.

Interface and Deployment

Pharma Suite uses Rich Client Interface, which works faster and is more reliable than browser-based.

Manufacturer decides if the Suite should be deployed to a cloud, or on the company’s network. Either way, all data contained by the Suite is always directly available to manufacturer.

The Suite does not require dedicated servers to run, and there are no hardware costs.

The Suite is not exposed to internet hacker attacks at all, and all its data is completely safe.

Cost Efficiency

The whole Relasoft Pharma Suite and the Chargeback solution in particular are built as cost-efficient software, with minimal or no license fees, payable to third parties.

For example, there are no licenses or fees to pay for EDI maps, EDI volume , integration, etc. We have a complete integration tools for some ERPs. Even the database management tool may require no licenses.

The manufacturer savings just on software licenses can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars per year!

Relasoft Pharma Suite is a reliable and efficient Revenue Management tool that covers all aspects of pharmaceutical processing in a CMS-compliant and a cost-efficient way.

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