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Acumatica EDI Solution for Pharma Manufacturers

EDI Requirements for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical manufacturers extensively use EDI for processing sales orders and for managing indirect sales through wholesalers. Manufacturers using Acumatica require a Acumatica EDI solution to address these different yet related tasks.

Sales order processing relies on EDI 850 Purchase Order, EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement, 856 Advance Shipping Notice (ASN), EDI 810 Invoice and EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment.

Manufacturers delegating shipping to Third-Party Logistics companies (3PL) may need to support EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order and EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice, or interface with the 3PL using file formats defined by the 3PL.

Managing indirect sales is based on EDI 844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment (chargebacks), EDI 849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment (chargeback reconciliation), EDI 852 Product Activity Data (Inventory Count), EDI 867 Product Transfer and Resale Report,  and EDI 845 Price Authorization Acknowledgement/Status.

Acumatica does not support all these requirements. Pharmaceutical manufacturers using Acumatica had to rely on several third-party tools from different vendors, and incur significant costs and risks of the custom development.


Acumatica EDI Solution from Relasoft

Relasoft offers a comprehensive Acumatica EDI Solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers for purchase orders, communication with 3PL, invoicing to customers, chargebacks credit memo and Medicaid invoices. The solution includes a Transaction Manager, a Chargeback program, Medicaid module and a full EDI support for these activities.

Chargeback program validates and processes chargebacks. Its features are described at

Acumatica Integrator provides bi-directional integration with Acumatica as described at

Transaction Manager covers all sales orders processing requirements specific to pharmaceutical manufacturers: reading EDI purchase orders, creating sales order files for Third-Party Logistics companies (3PL), reading shipment files, tracking lots, monitoring state and DEA licenses of all parties involved, using identifiers unique to healthcare industry, etc.

Transaction Manager

Relasoft Transaction Manager comes with the following features:

  • Automates reading for sales orders coming as EDI 850, or in any format;
  • Links order information with Acumatica and verifies pricing;
  • Supports creating Back Orders and cancelled lines;
  • Generates EDI 855 Order Acknowledgements;
  • Sends sales orders to 3PL and receives shipment files;
  • Creates packing lists;
  • Generates Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) EDI 856;
  • Creates invoices in Acumatica with a full compliance specific to pharmaceutical industry: lists lot numbers and expiry dates; shows customer, 3PL and manufacturer state licenses, and includes the regulatory wording;
  • Sends invoice information as EDI 810;
  • Comes with a built-in configuration to interact with AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, McKesson, Kaiser Permanente, Medline Industries, Morris and Dickson CO, and a large number of other wholesalers and distributors;
  • No expensive EDI maps are ever required. The software works with any EDI VAN providers.


Transaction Manager as a part of a Complete Acumatica EDI Solution

Relasoft Pharma Suite helps pharmaceutical manufacturers to do many standard processing tasks: chargebacks, contract admin, government pricing, processing invoices from Medicaid, Coverage Gap and Tricare, various rebates, and many others.

Transaction Manager covers EDI sales order management for manufacturers using Acumatica.



The Acumatica EDI Solution from Relasoft covers the whole spectre of all requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Transaction Manager manages sales orders, talks to 3PL and automates all integration between EDI and Acumatica. Transaction Manager seamlessly handles EDI 850, 855, 856 and 810, reduces time spent on daily sales order processing to minutes, eliminates manual data entry, verifies data accuracy and ensures a full compliance with all government regulations.

Chargeback program does everything that manufacturer needs to validate and to process chargebacks, and fully supports EDI 844, 845, 849, 852 and 867.

In addition to EDI, Acumatica Integrator automates handling Medicaid invioces for the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program and other state programs.


If you are looking for a comprehensive Acumatica EDI solution, call us at 416-783-1027 for a free consultation or a demo.

Relasoft Acutmatica EDI Solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers covers all activities sales order processing, chargebacks, Medicaid invoices and more.

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