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EDI Purchase Orders for Quickbooks Made Easy

BPI Labs chose to implement Relasoft Pharma Suite for purchase order processing and integration with Quickbooks online, because Relasoft is the only solution on the market, designed specifically for prescription drug manufacturers.

Pharma Suite came pre-configured for EDI with almost all of our trading partners. New customer onboarding is fast and easy. Built-in integration with 3PL companies is seamless. Invoices are generated in Quickbooks online in the format specified by BPI, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual data entry each month. Each QB invoice automatically has ASN, packing list and proof of delivery attached to each transaction.

Relasoft automated everything that needs to be done, enforcing all pharmaceutical regulatory compliance requirements. The customer service is excellent, with a minimal response time and knowledgeable staff taking calls.

It used to take us 15-30min to process one order on our legacy system. With the Pharma Suite, all our daily orders — often more than a hundred – are processed within an hour, and with a 100% accuracy eliminating possibility of human error!

Relasoft provides an outstanding chargeback validation and contract management solution and processing.

Relasoft gives you ONE STOP solution which includes:

  1. Order processing
  2. Order acknowledgment
  3. integration with 3PL partner
  4. ASN submission to customer
  5. Customer invoice processing in QB online
  6. Automatically provides proof of delivery to customers via attachment in QB online
  7. Chargeback processing and validation
  8. GPO admin fee calculation
  9. Customer remittance reconciliation against chargeback credits.

I highly recommend Relasoft Pharma Suite to other pharmaceutical manufacturers using Quickbooks online.

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