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Functional Applications

Relasoft developed a number of business applications serving as add-ons to ERP systems and expanding their features to accomodate custom requirements not supported by ERP. Some of the programs are parts of Relasoft Enterprize Suites for US Pharmaceuticals, and all of them can function standalone.

All programs have been written with the following objectives in mind:

* Easy and native visual interface, requiring minimal learning curve;
* High processing efficiency and ability to handle large volume of data;
* Extended configuration options to adjust programs for different environments with least efforts.

Please see below the list of main applications, with their descriptions.

Accord EDI Integrator

The program maintains bi-directional EDI-based communication with Accord Business Credit – the company outsourcing AR collection.

Legal Assistant

The program was written for lawyers to store all data related to a case and to use this data to generate unlimited number of documents and letters based on custom templates, prepared by the users. Stored info is automatically inserted into generated documents, eliminating errors due to manual editing or incomplete/incorrect data.

Sales Commission Programs

The Sales Commission program was written to integrate all revenue and expenses generated by the reps and calculate the commission payments. The commission payments can be based on a number of the performance measures, including gross and net sales figures, diversity of the products sold, a number of new accounts opened by the rep and other factors.

The program features:
* multiple bonuses based on sales of different product types and conditional components;
* multiple ways to calculate commission: plain percent, tiers, formulas;
* historical constency, i.e. all historical numbers can be proven years later;
* multiple reports created in different formats, including customer forms, Excel and HTML documents.

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