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Enterprise Solutions – Relasoft 9001

Software Suite for “System 9001” from Apparel Data Systems.

The Software Suite expands the “System 9001” functionality and brings users the power and flexibility of multi-dimensional reporting analysis and integration with MS Office. Separate MS SQL Server – based data warehouse stores unlimited invoicing history, whereas the original system keeps up to 10,000 invoices active and participating in reports.

The Suite modules bring new functionality: tracking import orders from overseas, exchanging EDI data with Accord AR Insurance and Collection services and passing data into specialized comprehensive AR Analysis program. Finally, MS SQL Server and Business Objects technology bring top of the notch reporting power for Sales, AR, AP and Profitability. Native and friendly GUI provides the CFO, managers and business users with complete answers, without need to manually consolidate multiple Excel files.

Relasoft 9001 features:

* Seamless integration with ADS database and third-party software modules, like customer risk rating services;
* Elaborate system to generate orders for overseas factories and to track their performance;
* Build-in data marts on Sales, Orders, AR, G/L and Purchasing data..

To view detailed specifications for the Software Suite for “System 9001” functional components please click here.

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