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Functional Applications

Relasoft developed a number of business applications serving as add-ons to ERP systems and expanding their features to accomodate custom requirements not supported by ERP. Some of the programs are parts of Relasoft Enterprize Suites for US Pharmaceuticals, and all of them can function standalone.

All programs have been written with the following objectives in mind:

* Easy and native visual interface, requiring minimal learning curve;
* High processing efficiency and ability to handle large volume of data;
* Extended configuration options to adjust programs for different environments with least efforts.

Please see below the list of main applications, with their descriptions.

Accord EDI Integrator

The program maintains bi-directional EDI-based communication with Accord Business Credit – the company outsourcing AR collection.

AR Analysis

The program provides extensive analysis of AR aging, collector performance, customer payment trends in a number of drill-down screens and reports. The procedure to extract AR data is organized as a separate module to ease integration AR Analysis with various accounting software.

Chargeback Processing Program

The program is one of the main components of our Pharmaceuticals Software Solution responsible for chargeback processing. The program imports the list of products and contract pricing from ERP, reads EDI form 844 and handles all steps of chargeback processing, including generating outgoing EDI documents and powerful detail and analytical reports. Contract Compliance module serves as a great tool to find largest indirect buyers and monitor sales levels to GPOs.

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Compliance software for Medicaid Drug Rebate Program

The program is another main component of our Pharmaceuticals Software Solution handling all computations and data exchange with CMS and the States. The program importes sales and chargeback data, calculates AMP, submits data to CMS and processed original states invoices and PQAS for both CMS and supplemental programs in full compliance with CMS (HCFA) regulations of Medicaid.

The program offers a number of methods to choose from to accomodate known AMP calculation issues, like chargeback lag, all built in compliance with CMS.

Coverage Gap Discount Program Software

The program automates all tasks to handle Coverage Gap Discount Program for pharmaceutical manufacturers producing products covered by Part D: processing invoices, creating disputes, support for file-based interface outlined by CMS, preparing supporting data for appeals..

CGDP software is kept up-to-date with the latest releases, published by CMS.

Legal Assistant

The program was written for lawyers to store all data related to a case and to use this data to generate unlimited number of documents and letters based on custom templates, prepared by the users. Stored info is automatically inserted into generated documents, eliminating errors due to manual editing or incomplete/incorrect data.

Profitability Analysis

BI Analytical component of our Pharmaceutical Software Solution, the program imports all data showing up on P&L statements from the ERP system, provides interfaces to input data stored outside of ERP, distributes expenses and credits to transacion level and presents KPIs and profit numbers for detailed and hi-level analytical multi-dimensional reports. Having all relevant information on one screen or page, and the ability to filter results by any combinations of customer, products, time, sales reps and other fields, make this program A MUST tool for monitoring companies well-being.

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Rebate Program

The program is another major component of our Pharmaceutical Software Solution, though can be used separately. The program imports sales, product and customer data, calculates rebates by a variety of complex and elaborate methods: combining direct and indirect sales, multi-tiered and correlated rebate components and provides extensive reporting – from check generation requests to top level analysis.

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Sales Reports

A number of programs written for different accounting and ERP systems to import sales data and to present them for multi-dimensional analysis. The programs were written for data warehouses receiving data from SAP, Great Plains, Macola, Navision, Facts and other systems.

Sales Commission Programs

The Sales Commission program was written to integrate all revenue and expenses generated by the reps and calculate the commission payments. The commission payments can be based on a number of the performance measures, including gross and net sales figures, diversity of the products sold, a number of new accounts opened by the rep and other factors.

The program features:
* multiple bonuses based on sales of different product types and conditional components;
* multiple ways to calculate commission: plain percent, tiers, formulas;
* historical constency, i.e. all historical numbers can be proven years later;
* multiple reports created in different formats, including customer forms, Excel and HTML documents.

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