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Our Users

Since 1996, Relasoft has been providing Pharma Suite software and managed services for pharmaceutical manufacturers and 3PL companies. In addition to that, a number of other companies engaged Relasoft for custom development.

Below is a consolidate list of our users.

  • Afaxys
  • Apnar
  • Apotex
  • BPI Labs
  • Celgene
  • Cutis Pharma
  • Dohmen Life Sciences
  • Dr. Reddy
  • Durham College
  • Encube Ethicals
  • Endo Pharmaceuticals
  • Gold Coast Schools
  • Grauman Packaging
  • Iroko Pharmaceuticals
  • JHP Pharmaceuticals
  • KVK Tech
  • Letco Medical
  • Major Pharmaceuticals
  • Master Pharmaceuticals
  • McKesson
  • Medwest Medical Supply
  • NuMode Apparel Inc.
  • NuPharm
  • Octapharma
  • Pack Pharmaceuticals
  • R & R Rivet and Fastener Products
  • Reichmann Senior Housing
  • Royal Canin
  • Sterling Knight
  • Sterling Pharmaceuticals
  • Sun Life Financials
  • The Harvard Drug Group
  • Upsher-Smith
  • Wrigley
  • Zareinu Educational

Our Users Testimonials

SAP-Integrated Solution with Phenomenal Support

Encube is a pharmaceutical company specializing in topical formulations: creams, ointments, gels, lotions, and solutions. Encube’s manufacturing facility in Madkaim, Goa, India is the largest single-site topical manufacturing facility in the world.

As part of launching its own sales efforts in the US in 2019, Encube was looking for a comprehensive and efficient turn-key software system to handle chargebacks, rebates, admin fees, AMP calculation, and Medicaid invoices. The system had to be integrated with SAP.

After careful consideration, we chose Relasoft Pharma Suite.

Relasoft deployment and integration were made within the agreed upon time and without exceeding the initial budget.

The software is easy to use, reliable, easy to configure and requires minimal training. The support is phenomenal with regards to both its quality and response time, and even includes availability during IST time zone working hours.

Pharma Suite proved to be a good software solution, and I highly recommend it.

Kamesh Venugopal, President and CEO

Chargeback and CMS Software

I have known Alexander Werner since 2001, at which time he was hired as a computer design and development consultant for The Harvard Drug Group.

Through much of the systems developed by Mr. Werner, Harvard has strengthened its position in the marketplace as a full service drug wholesaler, the second largest generic drug distributor, a significant supplier of our Major Pharmaceuticals label products to the institutional market and gained a leading market position in the home-based diagnostic testing services market.

Mr. Werner has written several complex programs that allow us to have accurate reporting and informational processes:

  • Contract Pricing and Chargebacks
  • Rebates
  • Profitability Analysis
  • CMS Programs
  • Account Receivable Analysis
  • Sales Commission (several versions)

We are very satisfied with the quality of his work and his willingness to accommodate our needs in a timely manner.

David Liming, Chief Financial Officer

Government Pricing and Medicaid Solution

I have working knowledge about Relasoft Solution’s Medicaid module that it was capable to calculate government pricing and to do invoice processing for several hundred NDC coming on several hundreds of supplemental programs. The program was fully automated and flexible to empower just one person to process invoices. The software is capable of:

  • calculating accurate AMPs/RPUs on a quarterly basis
  • electronically uploading state invoices
  • detecting any over/incorrect invoicing by the states based on average sales units sold
  • preparing ROSI reports as per CMS requirements
  • provide appropriate reasoning why partial payments are made creating disputes

I have used various software related to:

  • ASP calculation
  • AMP calculation
  • BP calculation
  • Medicare Part D coverage gap discount

Relasoft provides efficient support service. I highly recommend their software.

Samir Shah, VP of Government Compliance

Relasoft Chargeback and Gross-to-Net Software

Apotex has been using the services of Relasoft Solutions since 1996 to write numerous software projects, including critical business applications integrated with SAP and Great Plains.

Relasoft successfully delivered all projects in time and within the original budget.

We are also pleased with the level of expertise, quality of user support and work ethics demonstrated by Relasoft consultants.

Louie Cianfarani CPA, CGA

Pharmaceutical Rebate Software

I have had the pleasure to work with Alexander over the past year and a half as he designed and maintained a sophisticated rebate program relied on by various departments in our business.  Alexander’s rebate program houses hundreds of our direct and indirect contracts, calculated with various levels of complexity, including bundling and tier based rebates.

The rebate program was fully integrated with our ERP system, and was used to accrue rebates for our financial close process and subsequently issue payments to customers.  The program is user friendly and allows users to easily add and remove contracts as agreements change, and update contract terms to ensure rebates are always calculated based on the most recent customer contracts.

This program is a great asset for the company and gives management confidence that rebates are accurately reported in the financial statements.

Kyle Perkinson
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