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NARCY – Datamart and Integrated Reporting System for MS Dynamics NAV (Navision)


NARCY – integrated reporting system for Microsoft Dynamics NAV(Navision)  – is a customizable off-the-shelf Business Intelligence tool to import data from Navision and other sources, and to present them in a variety of prepared generic layouts. NARCY works with both CSide and SQL Server-based Navisions.

NARCY was written to provide advanced financial and sales reporting for managers and senior executives. Originally designed for distributors, NARCY accommodates many of their specific requirements. For example, analysis of sales to wholesalers based on Navision data can be combined with sales by wholesalers, as long as wholesalers supply their sales history. Merging direct and indirect sales in one database tremendously expands the powers of sales analysis, unavailable to Navision users otherwise.

The system comes with a pre-built Navision data mart, where the data exported from Microsoft Dynamics NAV are combined with data from other sources.  Examples of such data sources are sales history extracts submitted by wholesalers; sales reps records downloaded from Salesforce.com or other CRM applications; various business directories and listings; feeds from Web services exposed by courier and other companies; and anything else as appropriate!

Advantages of using NARCY


1. Efficient Data Analysis
The most comprehensive slice-and-dice functionality with intuitive interface to set filtering and grouping criteria and reports coming in the exact desired layout, be it a sales charts, pivot tables or regular multi-column views. With NARCY, users can focus on analyzing data, rather than spend time on manipulating multiple Excel Files to compile all the numbers and to format them to a presentable view.

2. Expanded Functionality
Integration of various data sources drastically expands the reporting functionality in comparison to standard reports provided by Navision, simply because it relies on an additional info! Users can maintain promotion campaigns in Salesforce.com and evaluate their impact on sales recorded on sales recorded in Navision.

3. Data Consistency
To conduct drill-down analysis and ad-hoc queries, users often use MS Excel to connect to database or cubes directly. This works fine in the majority of cases, except when different users pick different table fields or apply different selection criteria to gather the records. NARCY eliminates these inconsistencies by applying the same definitions of costs, discounts and profits across all system. No more forgotten numbers, or numbers counted twice. All NARCY reports show the same answers for the same questions.

4. More Accurate Data
Often, multiple records are created by mistake for the same product, or customer, or sales rep codes, thus making the finding of total sales numbers difficult. NARCY comes with a data cleansing and consolidation tool, where multiple records describing the same object are consolidated. Reports on such consolidated records show true sales numbers;

5. Availability of Additional Classifications
In addition to classifications of customers, products and sales reps supported by Navision, NARCY offers support for unlimited number of additional multi-level hierarchical classification for all types of records. Any report can be filtered by and grouped by any of those classifications.

6. Saving Users' Time
Executing any report takes just a few clicks, and the reports are generated in the exact way you wanted to see them! No need to cut and paste from multiple Excel files, to query different databases, to try different fonts and sizes to fit into one page - everything is already there. Reports can be organized into batches and run in on a scheduled basis.

Easy-to-use interface requires no more than one training session to enable users to run the most sophisticated reports. NARCY automates everything that can be automated!

7. Improved communication
The system has a built-in support for automated emailing reports to users.

8. Data Protection
Multi-level security ensures users have access only to the appropriate info. Security granularity includes menu items, screens, fields on screens, reports, and horizontal and vertical partitions of the reports. The security can be set by non-programmers in a user-friendly interface.

9. Technical Superiority
The product is built on a proprietary SQL-based reporting engine delivering the highest speed of data processing, and on proprietary methods of Crystal Reports design, ensuring highest flexibility of the produced reports.

NARCY Architecture


NARCY for Distributors
A sample of the data mart architecture for MS Dynamics NAV is illustrated below. The picture displays data exported from Navision - a step often done once or twice a day, with exports for material planning running every hour, and upon demand. The info from Navision is supplemented by other data sources - there is no limit on a number or a format of data loads NARCY can take: tabulated files, Excels, EDI submissions, desktop database formats - as long as they provide ODBC or API. to read them, they can be imported into NARCY.

Besides data sources submitting data to NARCY, it can interface to other systems in bi-directional interface. For example, information on promotion can be read from Salesforce.com, and the summaries of sales analysis per account can be shipped back to Salesforce.com, to keep the sales people informed.

Another frequent bi-directional interface is a commission calculation program.

The top layer of the diagram describes the Analysis and Reporting module, where data from all the underlying system components can be shown in variety of levels and formats.

Navision Datamart


NARCY is a growing product, with the new functionality added upon demand. Please contact us to see if the product currently supports the features you need.

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