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Relasoft specializes in building data warehouses and Business Intelligence (BI) systems using Microsoft and Business Objects technologies: Visual Studio .Net, MS SQL Server and Crystal Reports.

And yes, we develop custom applications of all sizes as well. Please contact us to check if we already have a solution that you looking for.

Over the years, we developed creative algorithms, processing engines an extensive class library to address typical and frequently occurring tasks. Based on our own experience and Microsoft Best Practices, these methods and tools utilize the most advanced features of leading-edge technologies and provide the highest processing efficiency.

Here is a brief list of the tools, classified by the area of applicability:
  Building ETL Areas  
  • Dynamic SQL stored procedures and configurable DTS package to effectively import data;
  • Data cleansing software to consolidate multiple records related to the same customer, product, etc;
  • Dynamic archiving and restoring inactive customers and products, etc from active data;
  • Proven algorithms to handle orphaned records;
  • Configurable validation procedures and exceptions reporting.
  Business Intelligence(BI) Systems  
  • Configurable dynamic SQL and MDX modules for speedy gathering calculation-intensive data for multi-dimensional analysis;
  • Comprehensive integration with MS Excel to automate labor-consuming preparation of KPI-based reports for senior management;
  • Multi-layout configurable Crystal Reports;
  • Methodology to build configurable Profitability analysis;
  Presentation and Communication  
  • Automated and scheduled emailing;
  • Generation HTML documents in detailed format;
  • Generation parameterized MS Word documents based on custom templates;
  • EDI processing for in-coming  and out-going documents, for a variety of forms;
  • Fully-configurable and extensive security module managing permissions on multiple levels: access to screens, reports, fields on the screen and reports, etc.
  • Comprehensive logging.
  Business Objects Universes, Crystal Reports  
  • Expertise in building BI systems combining off-the-shelf BI software and proprietory engine to produce most sophisticated custom reports and report batches.

Our consultants' expertise in creating and delivering turn-key software products coupled with the powerful and reliable in-house utilities gives our clients higher quality software, faster deliveries and lower costs. As the result, Relasoft is an ideal outsourcing partner for data warehouse projects and custom database-related applications.



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